Once you have submitted the application, the Bureau will include your topic in the list and promote it to the broader community outside the university. If a member of the community is interested in your topic, they will fill out a request form suggesting a date, time, and location for a talk. This information will come to the Speakers Bureau and be forwarded to you within a day or so. It will be up to you to respond to this email, confirm with the requester, and arrange the details (i.e. this is not facilitated by the Bureau).

Please note that the Bureau does not offer any payment for its speakers, nor should you necessarily expect the requester to provide an honorarium. We do recommend that requesters cover significant travel expenses, but this should also be negotiated directly between yourself and the requester.


  • share your work (societal impact)
  • build community connections
  • refine your public speaking skills
  • promote your department


  • respond promptly to any requests you receive from the community (declining is acceptable)
  • briefly acknowledge the Speakers Bureau and University Relations at any talks you give
  • notify the Bureau if there is a change in your contact information or if you are no longer able to participate

Public Speaking Tips

Below are a few general tips on public speaking in this context:

  • minimize jargon
  • introduce technical terms carefully
  • start with an outline of your presentation
  • ensure you have a beginning, middle, and end
  • speak slowly
  • use visuals if possible
  • engage the audience (e.g. polls, questions, activities)
  • include stories or anecdotes
  • practice the talk beforehand
  • speak for the right length of time